School Will Be Held March 31 To Make Up One Missed Day

The Moorhead School Board has scheduled Monday, March 31, 2014, as an instructional day as makeup for one of the January weather-related school closure days. March 31 was one of three days this year that had been identified as a no school day with optional paid training offered for teachers.

With three weather-related school closure days already this year, it became necessary to consider scheduling a makeup day during the school year, said Superintendent Lynne Kovash.

School was closed Jan. 6 and the built-in makeup day was used. Although Governor Dayton canceled classes for Jan. 6, the school closure day is being treated as any other locally decided, weather-related school cancellation. The other school closure days were Jan. 16 and Jan. 22.

By scheduling March 31 as a student instructional day, one makeup day remains to be scheduled at this time.

“As we continue through the winter months, there may be more school closures,” Kovash said. “A proposal will be brought to the School Board at the end of March to determine additional makeup time.”