Horizon Theater Presenting Musical “Letters To Daddy” About Bullying

“Letters to Daddy,” a one-hour musical production that looks at bullying and how it affects children, will be performed by a group of Horizon Middle School eighth-grade students at 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 19 in the Moorhead High School auditorium, 2300 4th Ave. S. General admission tickets will be available at the door.

More than 1,000 Moorhead students will watch the musical performance during the day on Nov. 19 in conjunction with the district’s efforts to address bullying.

Earlier this month, the Horizon students performed “Letters to Daddy” at North Dakota State College of Science for more than 1,200 students from Wahpeton, Fairmount, Campbell-Tintah, Kindred, Hankinson and St. John’s elementary and middle schools.

In “Letters to Daddy,” Caroline Turner, an ordinary 12-year-old girl is has a day full of challenges. Worried about her parents getting divorced, Caroline oversleeps and misses the bus. Ultimately, she winds up in detention after an encounter with a bully that led to a fight at recess. At home, she’s shuttled to her father’s den to contemplate her actions. Caroline discovers a folder of student papers on her father’s desk. He’s a fifth-grade teacher whose class has written anonymous essays that detail painful issues in their lives. Through the issues revealed in the letters and with the help of concerned friends, Caroline gains wisdom, a better understanding of others’ lives, and a greater appreciation of her own life. By the end of the musical, her awful day becomes an awesome day — and the only thing that changed was her perspective.

Horizon’s production of “Letters to Daddy” is being directed by Kelly DuBois Gerchak along with Assistant Director Sue Knorr, Choreographer Patrick Kasper and Musical Director Kathy Ferreira.

“Letters to Daddy” is an original musical production that offers a proactive, theatrical approach to empowering children and making us all aware that there is more to a person’s character than what we see on the outside. Inspired by an elementary school teacher, “Letters to Daddy” was created and developed by 4eProductions as part of its mission to make a difference in the world by balancing entertainment with education. The musical made its debut at The Lycian Theatre in Sugarloaf, N.Y., in July 2009.