District To Engage Community In Conversations And Planning

Moorhead Area Public Schools is launching its comprehensive Community Engagement Initiative with an invitation to community members to apply for the 40-member core planning team.

The Community Engagement Initiative will gather community input about programs and facilities for Moorhead Area Public Schools. Results of the initiative will help determine the district’s focus for the future. This initial community engagement process will be completed by June 2013.

“This initiative will allow for two-way conversation with community members,” said Superintendent Lynne Kovash. “Community conversations will provide a strong direction for Moorhead Area Public Schools.” The last process with significant stakeholder input was the Chainsaw Planning process used to develop the 2007 strategic plan.

The core planning team will convene in February to identify issues and prepare for community conversations. Core planning team members will meet individually and in small groups with approximately 400 district stakeholders to discuss the issues identified.

Any individuals interested in serving on the core planning team should complete and submit the Core Planning Team Application Form online at https://www.moorhead.k12.mn.us/news/item.aspx?id=1334. Forms must be submitted by Jan. 9, 2013. Members will be selected to serve based on their interest and ability to serve, the perspective they represent, and the experience or expertise they may bring to the process.

The steering committee will name people to the core planning team. Individuals not included in the core planning team will be able to be part of the larger community conversations.

A district survey will be used as a concurrent activity to broaden the input, and separate meetings will take place with district employees.

Information gathered through the process will be reviewed by the core planning team and the steering committee. The team will develop preliminary plans for action that the steering committee will refine and develop into a recommendation to bring to the School Board in June.

“Meaningful community input regarding the direction of the school district is essential,” said Assistant Superintendent Wayne Kazmierczak. “The action plans that emerge from this process will provide a framework for a long-range facilities plan for the district.”