Staff And Students To GET LOUDER About Bullying

Moorhead Area Public Schools continues bullying prevention effort

On Oct. 30, students and staff members of Moorhead Area Public Schools will wear blue to GET LOUDER about bullying. Moorhead Area Public Schools launched the GET LOUDER effort last spring to help unite students, teachers and parents in a collaborative effort to prevent bullying within our community.

In the 1950s, students were influenced by family first, then school, church, peers and music/media. The influences have changed to music/media and peers, followed by family, school and church.

A former Moorhead teacher developed the idea of GET LOUDER in response to this question: Has social media and the influence of peers become so much louder — or have our voices become too quiet?

The idea was adopted by Moorhead Area Public Schools and the district’s Safe and Healthy Learners Committee last year. GET LOUDER is being used to galvanize district efforts to prevent bullying.

Tuesday’s GET LOUDER day is part of the district’s ongoing efforts to prevent bullying. Other efforts include presentations by Moorhead High School SADD students at the elementary schools and middle school, a bullying prevention section on the district website at, and an online course for district employees to learn more about bullying and prevention. Moorhead High students are also organizing a young adult awareness walk on Oct. 27 that ties in to the district’s overall prevention efforts.