Opening Day Enrollment Numbers Increase For Moorhead Area Public Schools

Moorhead Area Public Schools had 5,664 students in grades K-12 report for school this morning. This is 301 more students than were enrolled last spring and 201 students more than last year’s opening enrollment. The number of students in the district will fluctuate over the next few weeks before stabilizing in October and November, according to historical trends.

The most significant increase is in the kindergarten enrollment. The district added two additional kindergarten sections in August.

“The kindergarten enrollment is the highest since 1995,” said Superintendent Lynne Kovash. “Overall, this is the district’s largest enrollment increase in years.”

Kindergarten is the largest grade level with 492 students. Sixth grade is the second largest grade level with 458 students. At 407 students, grade 5 is the smallest grade level in the district.

Enrollment in the district’s Kinder Plus (K+) extended-day kindergarten program offered through Community Education has increased to 276, which is 43 students over last year’s opening enrollment.

“We are excited about the increase in enrollment at all levels,” Kovash said. “This two-year increase provides a strong enrollment base for the district in future years.”

Enrollment at Horizon Middle School increased to 1,311 student, which is 58 students more than last year’s opening enrollment. Moorhead High School’s opening day enrollment is 1,623, which is up 46 students from last year’s opening enrollment.

In 2006 the district saw the reversal of an 11-year trend of enrollment decline. This was followed by four years of increases in enrollment after efforts by the district to modernize and enhance the quality of education. The district’s enrollment was projected to stabilize in 2010 with slight increases over the next few years.